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Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Saturday, February 03, 2007


The larger tragedy of the Duke case. I didn't really think this case was all that interesting, but I was wrong.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another guilt post to keep the Saturday Sowell links from running together.

Seriously looking into a getting a guest poster or two at Gay Celebrity Crap. Part of the idea there was to post more frequently, like the sites that find something to say every time Lindsey Lohan throws up on Paris Hilton's dog or whatever.

Little bit of drama in the comments here, if you scroll way down. Kind of bugs me when people won't specify what I said that hurt them so, and why exactly it is beyond the pale, especially when they strongly imply that they will. Then again, maybe he really thinks "yer a faggit" constitutes calling someone on the stupidity of... I guess all western Judeo-Christian sexual morality ever. It's still just barely possible to tell this drama queen apart from Andrew Sullivan though, because he talks so butch and everything.

Just posting this video because it's anti-McCain:

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Saturday, January 27, 2007


There was no Saturday Sowell post here last week because I just switched to the NEW Blogspot, which is a like Old Blogspot, except that I can label the post, and it takes fifteen minutes to convince it that I really am Dave. Incedentally, in emergency cases like this, it is permissible to get your Sowell directly from Jewish World Review.

This week: The Greed Falacy, in which the Master addresses the fallacy of using personal greed as an explanation for what one may subjectively percieve as social injustices. In my clumsy attempt at summarizing it, I have made it sound boring. It isn't, it's reminicent of the kind of kick-ass iconoclasm you usually have to buy one of his books to get.

Another Vietnam? Part One and Part Two. Short answer - Yes. Proud of yourselves, Hippies?

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another one of my unused Bob articles.

Satirical Website Boldly Utilizes Name And Likeness Of Jesus Again

That venerable fake news outlet, the Scallion, has stepped out on a
creative limb once again, when, for the nth time, it took the term
"irreverent humor" literally by photoshoping an image of the human
incarnation of the One True God of Israel into an incongruent, contemporary
setting and using it to illustrate an article in which tone was contrasted
with content in order to produce an overall quality of zaniness.

The side-spliting article, "Lamb Of God Enjoys Milkshake" risked alienating
the Scallion's largely Dutch Calvinist readership by flirting with, but
arguably not technically commiting, blasphemy. The gist of the story was
that the Risen and Ascended Saviour had returned to earth to purchase a
milkshake at a "local fast food restaurant", and that He had commented
favorably upon the beverage's flavor and texture.

"Yeah, the Jesus crap still seems to work pretty well," Freddy Neuwman, the
Scallion's Editor-in-cheif, told an interviewer. "We juxtapose Him with
something really prosaic, like Pringles or the Special Olympics, and it
never fails to reinforce our position on the cutting edge of formulaic,
semi-offensive humor".

"The best thing about Jesus," Neuman added, "Is that He is not litigious at
all. He's like the anti-Eisner."

According to some kid with a crucified Gumby hanging in his locker at
school, this type of humor is as big now as poopy jokes were a few years

"If you want to see where the comic vanguard is headed at any given time,
look no further than 'South Park'", Billy said, "And remember, Gumby died
for your sins."

"God's big mistake was taking on a tangible form", an anonymous theologan
told a reporter, "How could He not have anticipated this sort of thing?"

The immaterial essence of the abstract concept of God could not be reached
for comment at this time.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Some good links at: The Anchoress, 4 Right Wing Wackos,Right Wing News, Samantha Burns (Open trackback post. Next time I'll find out if the NEW Blogspot allows trackbacks), and Gay Celebrity Crap. That last one's old, but I'm giving you people another chance to comment on it. You're welcome.


Saturday, January 13, 2007


The Saint has written. Go and adore:

The New Yellow Peril and Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene, the inspiration for my old Assorted Assertions columns.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Another article I wrote for Bob that they didn't use. Odd, because it's a lot better than some of the ones they did use.

Marijuana Enthusiast Accuses Roommate Of Fascism

"You know who else was all into having everything all neat and orderly?"
Leon 'Spiccoli' Garvey asked rhetorically last Wednesday, "Hitler, man!"

Mr. Garvey has been vocally denouncing perceived fascistic tendencies
throughout the community since three months ago, when the THC levels in his
bodily tissues reached the saturation point, giving him a case of
bong-water B.O.

Since embarking on his crusade to expose the Nazis in our midst, Garvey has
boldly denounced family members, a series of employers, and Sergeant
Carter, the hapless commanding officer from the syndicated series "Gomer
Pyle, U.S.M.C."

The most serious allegations, however, are consistently leveled against
Garvey's roommate, Irving 'Rommel' Hirchburg, who declined to either
confirm or deny the charges.

"I didn't think he'd make that bad a roommate" Hirchburg told a reporter.
"I know he's not into meth or crack or pills or anything. I figured at
least he'd be mellow." Hirchburg said that he had failed to anticipate the
paranoia, extreme slovenly behavior, and self-righteously Frank-Zappa-like
political harangues associated with severe marijuana over-indulgence.

The first tentative suspicions were raised after Hirchburg left Garvey a
note concerning the importance of paying rent in time. Garvey noted the
importance placed on punctuality by many charismatic ultra-nationalist
heads of state in the 1940's, and drew a direct parallel between his
roommate and Benito Mussolini, who's claims to fame included making trains
run on time.

Later accusations centered on Hirchburg's alleged bossiness and "obsessive
fixation" with cleanliness.

"It's like, whenever I leave crap on the floor or in the sink or anything,
Rommel tells me to move it!" said Garvey.

"And he's a vegetarian too, and he doesn't smoke" Garvey added "Just like

When he finishes cataloging the eerie parallels, Garvey plans to score some
clean urine and use it to "fool those video store crypto-facist
thought-police into hiring me back".

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I think this is some kind of allegory about illegal immigration or something.

Or possibly very specialized fetish pron, that's always hard to rule out.

Trackback test

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Saturday, January 06, 2007


A Dangerous Obsession: Conclusion.

The Real Issue At Duke: Part I and Part II.

Of course, many other writters address the same issues that Sowel does, but they needn't bother. Sowell's on it.

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